I am soooooo tired. Came home and took Zoe for a 30-45 minute jaunt (it was good, got my blood pumping and we both needed a long drink of water). Then I had to pick up Josh (after I tweaked my blog a little) and then drop him off at his guitar lesson then get Joy, then go back to Watz Up Music for the rest of Josh's lessons. Note to self -- leave Joy at home as often as possible!!

She wants to be so much like her brother ... turned on the waterworks (my oh my but she should get into acting) and begged, pleaded, cajoled, and promised to "respect the guitar" ... so she now has a Mahalo Uke Guitar (in electric blue). A good size, and I need to set up a free lesson to see if she has the attention span to take them. Can we say persistent? She's been wanting one since Josh got his for his birthday last year. I made sure she understood it was an early birthday present. She's all about the instant gratification. There was a smaller brown one that she wanted, but was slightly more than I wanted to spend. I told her that she could wait a month for her birthday for that one or I could get her a different one today. Like I said, all about the instant gratification.

Now .. to convince Josh to give her lessons ... one of the guys at the shop was trying to convince Josh that it would be a great way for him to practice

lol Josh isn't buying it so far ...