My Funny Valentine

So, Tim got me a singing telegram, but there's a story that goes along with it ...

A few days before he told me that I had to be home on Valentine's between 4 and 8 P.M. ... I ask why .. he won't say, so I say (imagine my smart mouth) "What, did you get me a singing telegram or something?" 1) I didn't know people still did that!! 2) I need to keep a better eye on the bank account, but on Sunday he said I could look after Valentine's Day.

Tim says that he was very glad his face was turned away from me when he answered that no, he didn't get me a singing telegram. I think he thought at the time that I could read minds, but I'm just that good :)

These gals sounded GREAT .... and I am totally drawing a blank on the song they sang ... but I got a single read rose and a small box of See's Chocolates.

Shiny =)