WOOT! Ok, so we are moving desks around (again!), and I didn't get between the two gals that I thought I would (for some UNKNOWN reason they switched me and Brandi), but I AM in between the two girls that I most usually have breaks and lunch with. That somewhat makes up for them TOTALLY screwing up our schedules (I have had a different scheduled break and lunch EVERY DAY this week. Do you have any idea how disconcerting that is?) So we're having a gabfest between calls. And it's COOL! We're all married, though I am the oldest by far (one just turned 20, the other just turned 21) so we talk about our kids (two of us have kids), budgets, shopping, our hubbies, and ... future plans. It's cool! Who woulda thunk that I had something in common with girls .... er ... much younger than me. But I am enjoying work, well, at least the people at work *huge grin*

Hrm, maybe I am more social than I gave myself credit for ....


  1. yeah, well, you are friends with some of us "oldies" too.... it's just wierd when youre not the young one anymore..hehehe....


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