Tired, not sick and tired, just tired

I am actually tired of vacuuming. And I like vacuuming, usually. And I am about to beat my daughter. I wonder how my parents convinced me to clean my room? I wonder if I was ever as openly defiant as my daughter? The few times I remember even attempting her current attitude and behavior I had to go cut my own peach switch. And that was all it took. My mom always said I was a fast-learner.


  1. Oh My Gosh is it just our daughters? Mine refuses to do her room, and all I ask for anymore is a path between the door and her bed.
    I think the threating of a spoon for me was enough, that and I actually had my toys taken away so all I had in there was a bed. that lasted for a week. I have thought about doing that to miss emmy who also likes to get ticked and do damage to things in her room...
    grrrrrrrrrrrrr. I feel your pain sista


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