PMSing and no time to blog

The quality might not be that great, but hey, it's an audioblog, recorded on my new toy.


  1. welcome to 30 rdy baby!
    glad you can join the rest of us.
    I know u are not, sorry for that

  2. Well, she looks 20, has the energy of a 25 year old, and I personally think 30 is a great age for a woman :)

  3. well tim 30 is a great age. but it has some quirks. thats all I was saying, not meaning to be offencive, darlik.

  4. No offense taken :) I just wanted to point out that 30 has some definite advantages (in my book, at least).

    Of course, I turned 30 nearly a decade ago, so my memories of 30 and before are nothing but a haze now :)

  5. Quirks ... is that what you call them? My body .... well, I would use a different word than quirks


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