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Tim's been keeping track of who texts more, me or Josh. Below are the results from 12/25/06 to 12/30/06. Tim Sargent says (8:36 PM): Your messages - 568 in 30 days.  Josh - 410 in 6 days.  That gives you a 18.93/day average, and Josh a 68.33/day average. Tymbr says (8:37 PM): HOLY COW can I blog that? Tim Sargent says (8:37 PM): Sure. Don't forget to blog the Parent's Curse either - approximately 2:30 PM, December 30, 2006. Yeah, Josh actually ASKED for the Parent's Curse today. Does that count? {Annette} Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds. - Samuel Butler

Star Wars Exhibit Part I

I'll add captions when I have a little more time, but right now I just wanted to get the photos up. OMSI Star Wars

Today's Family Adventure

The first exhibition of its kind, Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination, combines costumes and props from all six Star Wars films with real-world technologies, video interviews with filmmakers, scientists and engineers, and two large Engineering Design Labs, where visitors can build and test speeders and robots. Visitors will explore prototypes, learn about the engineers and designers who are creating new technologies, and discover intriguing similarities between how scientists and filmmakers think. You can bet I'm taking pictures. And hope we can take a ride in the Millennium Falcon. .. and after adding up the price of admission, we're going to buy an OMSI membership. Which means at least 3 more visits to OMSI in the next year. But they do have OMNIMAX. Tim and I saw one of the Star Wars movies there in their IMAX theater a few years ago.

FW: Don't Come To Church This Sunday

Tim, Serious...Stay Home This Sunday It's not every day that your pastors tell you NOT to come to church. But, on December 31st we want to encourage you to spend the day with your family. Westport Church will NOT be having a gathering! 5 Things To Know: Westport HAS MOVED to our new location Find out what '5' means - January 7th @ 10 am Pastor's Connection Night - January 7th @ 5 pm Portico Begins January 14th Westport does not have a gathering THIS Sunday! WHERE IS THE NEW LOCATION? 20085 NW Tanasbourne Drive, Hillsboro WHEN IS THE NEXT GATHERING? January 7th @ 10 am Click here for a map to our new location *If you have a contribution that you need to sub

PMSing and no time to blog

The quality might not be that great, but hey, it's an audioblog, recorded on my new toy . PMS.wav
I'm getting paid to sit around. The systems are down site-wide. The funny thing is I was able to get into everything I

Every Parent's Worst Nightmare

Want to see me age 20 years and gain grey hair in a matter of a few heartbeats? Have my son go missing for a few hours. The Crisis I get off work at 3:30PM. I got home at 3:40PM. Josh doesn't have his key this week (it got left at a friend's over the weekend) and so I make it home, wait for him, then go get Joy. I waited until 4:15PM. Josh is usually home by 3:45/3:50. 4:15 has been the latest when he takes the bus. I left a way for him to get in the house, went to pick up Joy and kept calling home every few minutes to see if he was there. Panic begins to set in after I get Joy and call Tim to let him know that Josh isn't home and did he happen to mention if he was going somewhere after school? Tim confirms that my firstborn did NOT say anything about going to a friend's, or a game, nor has he received a call about any afterschool activities. Josh didn't mention anything to anyone , and it's the middle of the week; so I was starting to really really worried. He

How to Make Your Christmas Lights Flash to Music - WikiHow

You've probably seen videos of Christmas lights that are synchronized to music. If you want your own lights to blink to the tune of your favorite song, here's how. 1. Decide how big you want it. A channel is a unit of lights that can be controlled individually. For example, a single bush in your yard may be a channel. All the lights in a channel work as a unit (you can't flash an individual light bulb). 32 to 64 channels is a good size to start with. 2. Stock up! The best time to buy lights is the day after Christmas. Many times you will find lights that were normally priced around $2 a strand fall to $0.50. Check out Wal-Mart, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, K-Mart, etc. Don't be afraid to be seen with a shopping cart full of 100 strands of lights! 3. Obtain a control system. You will need hardware that hooks up to your computer. You can buy a system completely built, a kit, or a full do-it-yourself system. More information is available through the External Links below.