Learn something new everyday

So, I downloaded FilmLoop, which is a nifty program, but I wanted something with a little more control and/or simplicity. And I hate having multiple programs that basically do the same thing. I love Picasa and it has a slideshow function, but guess what??? You can't export the darn slideshow!!! Only if you make a gift CD!!!! So I did a search on Windows Help and came up with my own solution. It's a movie, but acts like a slideshow (I know you can do it in PowerPoint too), but I kinda like the effects I added. I'll upload it before the end of the week. Yes, I am having too much playing around with my photos. Just trying to get the best presentation effect.

and oh yeah, thing #2 on my list of things I learned today: Okra came from Ethiopia, brought over by slaves. It just grows really well in the South. I've been prejudiced against okra since JHS or HS when I had to prepare it fresh. Some of the slimiest stuff I have ever had my hands on. And then my grandmother had me fry it. The smell!!!! UGH! But I made gumbo last night and it called for okra. Now living in the Pacific Northwest, there's not a whole lot of call for it. Tim couldn't find it frozen, but he did find it canned. So the gumbo came out OK and I lost some of my prejudice, because it doesn't taste that bad. I just don't think that I will ever prepare it fresh again in my lifetime *shiver*


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