2nd day of training

So what do you do when bored out of your mind? Me, I write and daydream about the snow I see outside the window of my training room. The clouds are breaking up, the sun is coming out, the blue is showing. It's absolutely beautiful. There's not a lot of snow out, but just enough to foster daydreaming and make kids and adults alike pray for more. We want to go out and PLAY!

Something about snow makes me happy. i ddefinitely don't want to drive in it, but I do want play in it. Wouldn't mind still owning Jaeger. In hindsight we should have kept him. I could have made it work. He listened to me. And he LOVES (loved?) the snow. *sigh* hindsight is 20/20.

Just trying to stay awake, would much rather be reading Army of (Cl)one or Capt. Picard's Journal, or catching up on email, anything to keep my mind active, and off my cramping. I brought Tylenol quick release but can't get the case open that I put them in. How sad is that? I also brought "Excellent Wife" to work on Chapter 3 if I get the chance. Right now my leg is fidgeting and I just want to go back to sleep. No more snow coming down at this time and the sun has gone away. "Please don't take my sunshine away ..."

12:37 PM

Now we're going over the basics of searching an online database (think Google but not nearly as smart nor as comprehensive). And learning what the icons mean in Adobe Acrobat. I wish I had brought a book. But at least it looks like I am paying some attention by writing. The drawback to being a smarty-pants -- 1st thought "This stuff is pretty self-explanatory ... why are we going over it?" 2nd thought "Uh, maybe everyone doesn't get it" Why can't the trainer ask how comfortable we are with some programs?

I am sooooooooooooo sleepy, there go my eyes

Eyes crossing
eyes rolling
head nodding
blurred vision
just want to put my head down