what a night

To quote Tim:
"Our daughter won't go to sleep at a decent hour for a 4 yr-old, there's a possum in our backyard, and our cat has gone feral. And we don't even have a backyard! It's enough to drive a grown man to cry, or drink, or both. Cry in a beer?"

So, tonight Tim was going to refill the cat's food and water (the cat being Tigerlily) and he see's another creature in our backyard. Calls me to confirm the siting. The damn opossum is in Tigerlily's bed acting like it owns the place. Lily we try to bring inside for the night so I can take her to the vet tomorrow if we can get her in the carrier and when Tim opens the back door to get her food she runs back outside. And through all of this, Joy has been awake and won't go to sleep, let alone stay in her room. Even after being bribed with a movie. When will my drugs kick in??? (LOL! Tylenol PM, don't get in a tizzy)