The Hike

Autumn Multnomah Falls
The hike was AWESOME! The weather was cold, rainy, and overcast, but amazingly, this led to MUCH better pictures. Some of these I am going to print out BIG and frame. I showed them to a co-worker who is an Art Major and she wants copies of some! WOOT! Validation is good :) I think some of them are pretty awesome for me being an amatuer using a digital camera. Though honestly, I got some really good pointers from the hike leader who is a professional photographer. I need to learn about the manual functions on my camera and take my tripod next time. But I can look at these and feel peaceful again. As much as I complain about Oregon around this time of year, there is nothing like God's green earth to make you grateful and wonder about the greatness of it all. Definitely going to go again in the spring and get the spring colors.

The hike started at Wahkeena Falls, then we had the option to drive or hike to Multnomah. I took so many photos and lost track of time, so I carpooled with the hike leader. Next stop was Multnomah Falls, I stayed at the bottom instead of hiking to the bridge. Next we drove to the trailhead of Oneota Gorge, part of the Gorge Trail 400. From there we hiked to the trailhead of Horsetail Falls and really began hiking. That part of the trip was just under 3 miles. We photographed Horsetail Falls, hiked to Ponytail Falls (those are the photos taken behind a waterfall), around to Oneota Falls (that's the bridge and waterfall and small gorge). In the summer it's apparently a good hike because part of the trail goes through the creekbed! A great way to cool down. We stayed out of the water. The leader gave us the option of hiking up to Triple Falls, but it was getting on lunch time and we were HUNGRY! So we finished the loop that took us back to the trailhead for Oneota and the cars. Ate lunch. I was ready to nap and so was Sharon, the one person who came for the hike but not the photo ops. Half the group opted to go to the next falls down. We got there and the rain started POURING. Not good for cameras. So we came back to Portland. There will be another photography hike in the spring, so I am DEFINITELY going to do that, schedule permitting.

WOOT! I am so excited STILL! I think I need to pick which photos to blow up and start decorating my house.



  1. Ok, if you had trouble getting into the album, I think I have it fixed. I, of course, had no trouble because I was logged into Yahoo at home, but not at work, so I see that the photos weren't being shared as public. BLAH! Some things about the old Photos was better.


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