The Splintered Mind by Douglas Cootey: Does National ADD Awareness Day Involve Calculators?

September 21, 2006
I TOTALLY need to get one of these buttons!
The Splintered Mind by Douglas Cootey: Does National ADD Awareness Day Involve Calculators?: "Does National ADD Awareness Day Involve Calculators?

How exciting! It's National ADD Awareness Day. And I forgot to get you a card.

Well, no matter, I'm sure you forgot about it. It's the only the third one. However, I fear National ADD Awareness Day ranks up there with National Boss Day, but not nearly as popular as National Depression Screening Day! Unfortunately, AD/HD only rates one day. In England Epilepsy gets a whole week, and in America Epilepsy gets a whole month. I'm sure my brother who has epilepsy finds that immensely comforting.

Although it is nice to have national ADD recognition I'm not sure what good a special day does, but maybe I'm just cynical. Can you imagine showing up to work wearing a special ribbon, bracelet, or button announcing your malady? I can see mine. In fact, I just made mine. You can even buy a copy:

Don't Forget! I Have ADD!!

But that button will not be nearly as popular as this one:

What WAS I Doing AGAIN?

If it seems that I'm feeling festive it is because I found my feet again. I had misplaced them over the summer, making all those hiking trips a bit difficult, but now that I have got them under me again I'm ready to move forward into life without any of that awkward limping"
... read the rest of the post on his site (and see the buttons).


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