Doctors Perform Zero-Gravity Surgery

Now THIS is cool science.
Discovery Channel :: News - Health :: Doctors Perform Zero-Gravity Surgery: "Sept. 27, 2006 — A French medical team hailed as a success pioneering surgery Wednesday on a man in near zero-gravity conditions on a flight looping in the air like a roller coaster to mimic weightlessness.

The five-man team of doctors and a patient landed safely at an airport in southwest France after a three-hour flight, but the mid-air surgery to remove a cyst from the man's arm took only about 10 minutes.

Chief surgeon Dominique Martin said the near zero-gravity operation, the first ever on a human, was not technically difficult, but was aimed at breaking a barrier in medical expertise."
More at Discovery Channel.


  1. okay what the heck was that!
    the don't join the army thing... with moaning women!

  2. It's actually the navy ad. It should drop off my front page soon.


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