chemical imbalance

So, I'm not always the most proactive when it comes to my healthcare, but ... this morning I forgot to take my Zoloft. I thought I would be ok, till about noon when I started fidgeting uncontrollably. Well, somewhat controlled, but I could feel it slipping away (the control that is). I called Tim and he brought it to me and a few hours later I was better, not wanting nor trying to climb the walls a la Spider-Man. So tonight when I got home I decided to do a little research, like ... why did my Dr. diagnose me with anxiety and put me on Zoloft? Isn't that an anti-depressant?

It is. It's also used to treat anxiety disorders, panic attacks, PTSD, and OCD. (boy, what if someone has all of that). They have a nifty little quiz that after taking I can see why I was diagnosed the way I was. I guess what gets to me is that my first doctor, who gave me the full work-up didn't diagnose me with anxiety a year and a half ago (wow, that long already?). This isn't your normal anxiety either. A little stress I can deal with. I apparently can't deal with a lot anymore. And I used to work so well under pressure. Not good for the heart apparently. So, note to self, take meds and get therapy. And oh how I love to open up ....