I'm stressing out!!!!! those of you on LJ might know why. Trying to clean my desk and watch Princess Bride in efforts to calm down. Waiting for a phone call. Getting no help from certain government officials. Knowing I shouldn't be stressing.

Called the maternal grandmother. Stressing more. She's .... ill-equipped to deal with my nephews, and she gave me even more bad news. Of course nothing about my brother -- she's only concerned about her daughter, but the news that she gave me concerns them both. I'll be making phone calls in the morning. Who wants to help me clean in the severe off chance that I have to go through a home visit? Won't know much till Monday.

Can I cry now? He's my baby brother, prone to bad decisions, my SIL apparently prone to even more -- and they have both just screwed up their lives and possibly the lives of their children. Though as my husband says ... my family doesn't do things by half-measures ...


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