Music Meme

It works like this:

You reply to this post and I give you a letter of the alphabet. Then you dredge up 10 songs that start with said letter and put them in your journal (with these or similar instructions).

cheesepuppet gave me T:

  1. That's the Way Love Goes - Janet Jackson
  2. The Life - Alicia Keys
  3. The Blues - tony!toni!tone!
  4. thinking of you - tony!toni!tone!
  5. The Sun is Shining - Third Day
  6. Take My Hand - Shawn McDonald
  7. Tell me Why - Will Smith (with Mary J Blige)
  8. There is a Redeemer - Keith Green
  9. The Trhree Kings and I - TSO (Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
  10. Throw Yo Hands Up - Kirk Franklin

and many thanks to my music library because except for 1 and 6 I was drawing blanks :)

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