Let the trials begin!

So, this morning I woke up cranky and sore and thought about going to the chiropractor. Not to be. Josh woke up this morning looking like Will Smith in Hitch in the food allergy scene. Yesterday he also woke up with a swollen lip, but we thought it was a bug bite since he sleeps with his window open and no screen. This morning … that ain't no bug bite! His lip is AT LEAST 1/4" out from his face. Measure 1/4" inch. Now put that where your lip is. See? It's HUGE on the human face. Protruding from the human face rather.

 I took pictures, just in case the Benadryl I gave him takes the swelling down, I want his doctor to see what he looked like. And I am SORELY tempted to post them, though Tim said just crop to his lip and not totally embarrass my boy (this ranks up there with the pictures of little kids butt naked that used to be cute and are now against the law) … Tim says he looks like one of those African tribesmen who pierce their lips and they get HUGE.

So last night we had Josh wash all his bedding (in case it was bugs who had decided to take up residence in his bed) and he opted to sleep on the floor. That's why we were ALL surprised at how swollen he is this morning. His lip and his ear. I'll get worried if his ear starts to look like cauliflower. He did actually vacuum his floor this past weekend. I'm a little bit worried, a little bit amused, and … a lot mom, I guess. I want him to be ok, I can deal with a food allergy (he's been eating at his friend's houses a LOT the last few days), I can deal with it being a bug bite (just so long as we don't have to fumigate the house, and God forbid it's something like a centipede -- which I did find one day in Joy's room) … I just want things to get back to normal -- wait, is this it? =)

Now just waiting on the advice nurse to call back so I can make an appointment.

Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds.
- Samuel Butler