How do you like your eggs?

Tim found this ...

A young guy wanders into a bar, looking for action. He notices an extremely attractive young woman sitting at the bar.

Enchanted, he decides to make his macho move (how he was bred), struts over to the young lady and orders a drink for her. After chatting for awhile, he slides his arm around her, with the intention of course of wanting to take her home for the night (the reproduction "urge to merge" has taken over and hormones go into hyper overdrive.)

The encounter is going smoothly and the climatic tone in the bar is highly festive. So the guy calms down, shifts to a lower gear and controls himself. While gazing intensely into her eyes he says indirectly, "So, babe how do you like your eggs prepared in the morning?"

Her wide-eyed reply back, knowing exactly what he had in mind and that her intentions were such to keep their social encounter on a friendly level says

"UNFERTILIZED, THANKS." and walks away.......