Happiness in a bottle

I was at Fred Meyer after my workout getting some dinner for me and Joy. And then I wandered over to the drinks, knowing I shouldn't get a soda, but not really wanting a juice or more water (I already had a bottle). I picked up a with juice -- then looked and saw a label. And a name. A name I haven't seen in U.S. stores in at least a decade, more like 15 years. CLEARLY CANADIAN!!! I LOVED this stuff as a teenager. It's carbonated, flavored water, and simply delicious. Freddie's only had two flavors, blackberry and strawberry. I wish they had raspberry or apple. I used to be practically addicted to the apple flavor. Tonight I am savoring the bubbliness of blackberry. Does anyone else remember these? I was kinda bummed because the bottle is not the cool shape that it used to be and the amount seems less -- 14 oz. as opposed to my memory of 16 or 20 oz. Though that might have been just because of the shape of the bottle. Yummy. I am happy.