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Unpacking Africa (Charlie)
Hello again friends,

As the freshness of my recent Africa trip rubs off a little (sadly), certain things stand out in my mind. One thing I never blogged about was a meeting we had with a new friend in Nairobi. We met an American named Brad, who started an organization called the Persecution Project. Brad works in the Sudan, and lives in Nairobi with his wife and 4 or 5 children. He's just a guy that grew up really caring about Africa, and has decided to relocate his family temporarily, in order to serve those suffering in Sudan. We had JUST flown back to Kenya from 3 days in Rwanda, and the Genocide was on our minds. We actually bought these purple bracelets at the Genocide
Memorial that say: Genocide- Never Again! And Brad reminded us that, well, quite frankly, there is currently a genocide in Sudan, and it's been happening since the 1970's. Over 2 million people have died at the hands of rebels, and the situation is extremely bleak. There was a peace-treaty signed recently (you may have heard this in the news, and been relieved, like myself), but no one is abiding by it, and the killing goes on and on. I wear my purple bracelet slightly more sobered now, and it reminds me that it is happening again. Blood:Water Mission has funded two wells in Sudan (through Brad and Persecution Project) at a couple internally displaced persons camps (IDP camps). We are hoping to provide more wells in the Sudan region.

There is, of course, more, and it's not updated often, but it's there :)

If you want to know more about Blood:Water Mission, check out their site.