Proof that I am getting old

So, my hubby thought that a friend had planned a 2-night girls event when it was just one (since we're not getting a women's retreat this year). So he offered me one night in a hotel (I might actually have to do this more often) .. but I had trouble getting to sleep. Me, who can usually fall asleep anywhere, had trouble falling asleep in a strange place. And my bones hurt this morning. The same ones that my chiropractor tried to fix yesterday.

Maybe next time he and the kids can have the hotel room and I'll get the house to myself :) (Oh yeah, he got kudos from my girlfriends for that.)

There is kinda the sense of adventure and getting away, but damn, I need more sleep. I couldn't fall asleep till 3 and woke up around 7. Forced myself to go back to sleep till my alarm went off at 9. Called the front desk, checkout is at 11 (yay!) rather than at 10 (like the website said). So, I have the choice of sleeping for another hour, or throwing on some pants and getting a few tea packets and taking my leisurely time waking up. The bed calleth ... but it's not nearly as warm and comfortable as it could be. And I am craving a cuppa.

Let's see, how I spent my night: Video chat with hunny using then, I thought I was tired, but couldn't sleep, so channel surfed. Watched about 10 minutes of in I think a Showtime movie, couldn't be sure, surfed some more, watched CNN Headline news, saw cool story about a sister who saved her 2-yr-old brother from a burning car, an surfed some more and settled on The District on USA (there's a reason to get cable, at 1 or 2 am) ...

Now I am watching CNN Headline news again because every other channel is either a movie I am not interested in (hotels really need to get TVs with built-in VCR's and DVD players. They aren't that expensive anymore...) or cartoons. And kinda miffed cuz I went to the front office to get tea (they advertise complimentary coffee, tea, and hot chocolate DAILY in the front office!!!) and I could have sworn I saw a basket there yesterday with Stash Tea, and there isn't any!!!!! So I am forced to drink coffee. Just because this is the freaking Northwest does NOT mean that EVERYONE likes coffee to wake up in the morning (my other options are Chardonnay or Wyder's Raspberry cider, so I think coffee is the better choice). Sigh, I am slow in the morning. I only hit snooze twice on my alarm and here it is already 9:50. I should consider showering and packing soon. I think I am going to go to Orbitz and actually leave a dissatisfied review for this hotel:
  • Internet access was hard to get started (though that might have been user error, I switched plugs around so I could charge my phone. Once I changed them back to the original configuration, the access point worked, but that means that one of the outlets is blown)
  • No tea! There should be tea in the room
  • No channel guide - half the time I didn't know what I was watching
  • hard mattress and pillows, though on the plus side there were plenty
  • lack of silverware
  • no complimentary breakfast items
  • Good point, the company they use for tech support is actually quite good :)

Ok, 9:57, time to shower. The in-room coffee isn't half bad ....

posted at 10:15 am ... sigh. Need to add spell-check to PFF


  1. thats always my fav that the kids and hubby leave and i get the house to myself....heee..
    but then they tend to come back....


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