Pilot Killed When Jet Crashes At Air Show

For those of you who have called, we're OK! Actually, this is more for those of you who haven't called, but were wondering. Yes, this is near where we live, walking distance in fact. But the area of Hillsboro that we live in is bisected by a major thoroughfare and we live on the other side of the street from where the crash happened. We do have friends in the neighborhood where it did happen though. As of 6PM the local news still hadn't stated if the pilot had died, but now we know that he did :(
Associated Press Writer

HILLSBORO, Ore. (AP) - A 1951 British fighter jet crashed into a densely populated neighborhood near the Hillsboro Airport during an air show Sunday afternoon, exploding, destroying a home and killing the pilot.

Fire officials said no residents or others on the ground were hurt."

I have family visiting, so I now return you to your regularly scheduled Sunday evening entertainment.

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