Myspace takeover

Since people got MySpace they quit posting on their blogs (mostly Blogger). I use MySpace, but mainly to keep in touch with a select few people. Sigh, I hate logging into the silly system and I am not much of a commenter (as my friends there can tell you) ... and like my brother said, a lot of it seems fake. My "Unofficial Calvary Chapel" blogroll is getting fewer and fewer new posts and yet, if I take the time (copious amounts of it that I have) to log into MySpace ... grr, lost that train of thought (started writing this two days ago). Anyways, I am not fond of MySpace, the interface, the layouts (half the pages you can't even read for goodness sake!!!). It has some cute innovations, but most people don't know how to use them. Myself included. I have a Storm background, but because when I log in I see a clean interface, I rarely see what other people see. And the noise!!! MySpace has GOT to be the NOISIEST site out there. I have a song on my page too, but I have it set to start when people press play, not right away. Can you imagine looking at multiple MySpace profiles? I get a headache just thinking about it (yes, I would do something like that because I run Firefox)

But this started out as a lament about how all the intelligent people I know are moving over to MySpace and posting there while their blogspots languish. How am I supposed to keep up with you all??? This brings me deep sadness. I guess blogging software is about the only thing I am brand loyal to these days :)

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  1. I have no intention of blogging on MySpace (and yes, their layouts are loud, cluttered and nosiy).

    Of course, I can't guarantee any regular updates on my blogs, but then again you get the pleasure (pain? :)) of seeing and hearing me daily :P

  2. I won't go over to my space either, mostly b/c I'm not a bored 13 yr old who has nothing better to do than make annoying webistes about myself. ;p

  3. i hate my space. i only got one to keep in tough when we were going to do youth ministry. that's where stuart put their site. argh!!!! i use blogger for more serious (sort of ) stuff, and live journal cause everyone seemed to be going there. it's silly stuff mostly. or random. and frogs. heheheheheh


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