Monday - part 3

or how to ruin a perfectly good evening
Warning: this is a rant, in the classic sense. Complete with a little cussing and completely uncharitable attitude.

So, the owner of that van that parked in front of our house turns out to be a bi@tch realtor named Monika ... and that's all I can say without getting sued. Let me know if you want to know what company she works for. Can I mail bomb her? Add her name and address to a [snail] mailing list?

She comes back to my house to accuse me of hitting her POS van (see Monday part 2). (OK, so it wasn't POS, but must have something wrong with it if she's trying to tell me that I hit it). I was napping and when I got up Tim asked me if I had hit that van. I practically exploded. The tone of her note was condescending, and that pisses him off, and me being accused of something that I didn't do pisses me off. She claims she has a witness, probably the grandmotherly type and little girl that she was showing the neighborhood this afternoon. Ok, so, isn't the usual, normal protocol at the scene of an accident (and what REALLY pisses me off is that she came from the house she was showing, looked at her van and then went back, all while I was still outside unloading my van. Word ZERO about allegedly hitting her van) to exchange information? Not drive off and then come back HOURS later to leave a snippy note and business card? I was still outside for Christ's sake. I don't care if you were showing a house. If you had a valid claim there's nothing to stop you from getting the pertinent info. ESPECIALLY with a witness.

Suppose I didn't live here and was just house-sitting, nannying, or dropping something off? What would she have done then? Left a note for the owner's of the house leaving them guessing? WTF????? How UNprofessional is that? Though for her luck I never did get around to moving my van (lazy afternoon spent chatting and browsing) and so that was not the scenario presented to her this evening. BTW, I just woke up a bit ago and that was the first thing I was confronted with.

So, I am listening to CeCe in hopes of improving my mood. Tim needs some attention and so do I dammit. I am so ready to get Black on her. Pissing off a normally calm woman is not a good thing ... as my brother's can attest to :) Ok, getting better. I think I will work off excess anger and frustration on the housework.

Hrm, could this be a case of discrimination? I swear, I am the only black woman left in this neighborhood. The other two have already moved out. Yes, I am paranoid. I miss Cali so freaking much!!!!!

Music: CeCe Winans - Heavenly father, Anybody Wanna Pray, Say a Prayer

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  1. snort. apparently this is not much of a rant according to a friend on LJ.


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