I got rid of (uninstalled is more precise) Comcast Rhapsody why???? When our Comcast account finally closed I was still able to use Rhapsody, well, under another username. I loved my personalized stations (yes, plural). I am STILL waiting after about 20 minutes for Launchcast to finish tuning my station. It doesn't seemed to have timed out. The little status bar is still moving. It's really annoying that I had to "rate" artists and just couldn't pick my own and that I only get one station. They have a function called "mood" but apparently you have to pay for it. And oh yeah, it doesn't work with Firefox. I have to start IE to listen to music. *sigh* The price of entertainment. I wonder if Verizon has a music service .... (this is me, going off to prowl Verizon for music while tweaking anniversary pictures).

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