It's all about the home improvements, baby

July 11, 2006
So, my mom is coming to visit in less than a week ... and we finally get around to getting rid of the cat-pissed carpet (this is my ultimate embarrasment). We have been harboring a feline for 4 years who for some reason refuses to used the litter box for number 1. We assume that she uses it for #2 because we have never found any around the house, and she's semi-feral, not constipated (though I wonder....). I even took her to the vet and he said she had a UTI, but I swear the problems got worse after that (more than 2 years ago). Though knowing TigerLily she did it just to spite me. We have never gotten along. We have used Nature's Miracle and Petzyme. We have threatened the cat with all manner of punishments (never to be carried through of course, I can't even catch the darn cat). But the house already smells better, now to catch the cat and put her outside once and for all. Or for at least most of the day.

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