I Want My Two Dollars!

My wife calls me at work this morning and says "You won't believe what your daughter just asked for."

"Do I want to know?"

We had recently taken off the door to the linen closet (said door being warped by a cat who has no concept of what a litter box is for. Said cat is now living in the backyard under a tree - no she's not dead) and saw the bag her Strawberry Shortcake sheets came in.

She goes into our room and asks "Where's my blanket?"

Annette: "What blanket?"

Joy: "My Strawberry Shortcake blanket that you guys promised me!"

Good grief - that was over a year ago!!!!!!!!!!! It's not right that her memory is that good.

Reminds me of the paperboy from Better Of Dead (a movie from the 80s for all you young uns out there). It's a sub-theme - the paperboy is constantly showing up chasing the main character of the story shouting "I want my two dollars!"

I have this vision of my wife and I running through the hills, with our daughter in hot pursuit (on her bycicle) shouting "I want my blanket!" :)


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