- California is cooking - Jul 26, 2006

"SACRAMENTO, California (AP) -- The high-pressure system over California that has brought 100-degree weather wasn't budging Wednesday, promising an 11th straight day of sweltering heat, the potential of more deaths and another strain on utilities.

The National Weather Service predicted temperatures around the state to fall several degrees, but the misery index would remain high as the mercury hovers well over 100 in many parts. The gradual cooling trend was expected to continue through the week.

Stephanie McCorkle, spokeswoman for the California Independent System Operator, which manages the power grid, said the ISO did not anticipate declaring another power emergency Wednesday.

State and local authorities reported at least 56 possible heat-related deaths since the mercury first spiked upward, most in the smoldering Central Valley and deserts east of Los Angeles. "

Ack! My poor mom, sis, and neice just went back to this. Though they did get a taste of our heat wave on Thursday-Saturday. They live in the mentioned desert, but at least my mom's office has AC. Hope my sis and her kidlet are keeping cool. What a summer we're having!!!! Can you imagine 11+ days of 100+ degree weather? Maybe OR isn't so bad. Woke up this morning and it was actually cold enough to turn off the fans and put on a pair of pants.


  1. Still capri's for me, but our apt stays warm. :) Did you hear about the plane that couldn't land in Palm Springs, it was 122 outside and the pilot said that if it were 3 degrees warmer he could not land, the tires would explode when the hit the pavement!
    So yeah, I guess 104-7 isn't as bad as 120, but sheesh! We have to get an a/c soon if this keeps up, doesn't everyone just LOVE global warming!?

  2. Yeah, if I had any clean capri's left I would probably be wearing them :) Today is laundry day. I didn't hear about that pilot, but I beleive it. Some places it gets so hot the asphalt starts to melt. We have about 7 fans, an air cooler and a portable AC unit ... but it's only big enough to cool our bedroom. The fans are throughout the house and the air cooler in Joy's room so she can sleep. Man, can't wait till the weather STAYS in the 80s (perfect for me).

    Though my mom did point out that the weather down there is DRY and not humid, so the heat is a little more bearable.


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