the cat is out of the ...

house! Tigerlily decided to take a piss right where Tim could see her. The amazing thing is that he caught her (she's damn fast). I was getting Joy breakfast when he yells "Open the back door!" She's out, with food and water, she might figure out how to get under the fence, but for the most part she's been on the couch crying and trying to get in through the screen. Right now she's doing her rabbit thing ... up on hind legs and trying to look into the playroom. Well, 20 minutes to clean the back room a little and then off to my chiropractor (first time in almost a year!) My back will thank me, I hope.

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  1. yeh oh yeh ... thea is doing the happy dance for you.... now don't let her fool you with the crying and trying to make you think that she is soooooo woooooonded.... cause really ... yah she is just mad and wants to pee. ;)

  2. We let her back in for the night ... but I am all for her going back out again. The only gross/bad thing is that the ants came out and invaded her water and food. Gotta find a stand or something for it.

  3. okay you let her back in ....why?
    she could have defended her food and water... :o ... wasn't it hard to get her to go out last time?
    please just make her stay out... i am begging for the sake of your floor. and walls and , and , and... i'll come up with something..


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