Big Feet PJs

We spend one-third of our lifetime in bed and another third of our lifetime performing activities around the home.
Why not be as comfortable as possible? The Big Feet Pajama Co. offers those same footed pajamas that you loved as a kid, to juniors, as well as adult men and women of nearly every shape and size. Made from the finest shirting flannel, cotton knit, micro-polar fleece and wool cashmere fabrics available, you’re sure to love Big Feet Pajamas. They’re unique, whimsical, practical, but most importantly, they’re the most comfortable sleepwear you’ll ever wear!

Hrm ... should I get a pair of footsies for an upcoming slumber party?


  1. we should all get them!!!!.... but it is summer and well me might all get to hot. but hey i woldn't mind a pair for the winter... my kids would love them.

  2. The ones modeled are made from jersey-knit, especially for summer. Though I don't think I could stand to be covered from head to toe in the summer, especially with the weather we've been having.

    But I LOVE footsies and wouldn't mind a pair or two come winter.


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