and we're back!!!

Been having server problems lately, I was getting tempted to start posting everything on my or even *gasp* (yeah, I got one, to catch up with people from HS I Swear!!!! It's better than Classmates that way). But I didn't. Today, I decided that I am a TV addict when I can't think of anything better to do or want to avoid work. Like right now, I really should be sleeping since Josh has to be at the airport at 5:00 AM for his flight and we (Tim and I) decided that we would ALL go to drop him off. Neither one of us relishes the idea of dealing with the heat and Joy when she hasn't gotten a chance to tell her brother goodbye.

At the moment I have a headache, probably from watching too much TV, Joy is still awake as I type this 12:05 AM on Saturday morning. Maybe I will just stay up for the next 4 hours and get all my sleep in the cool of morning.

*snort* We got a heavy cloud cover just at the hottest part of the day (and for you who don't live in OR, that's actually around 5 PM) that's kept all the heat in, there's no breeze and the 11:00 weatherman said that it probably wouldn't get cooler than 75 tonight, and that around 4 AM! Cuz the sun rises at 5 or so and will start the whole cycle over again. I am so up for flaking on housework and hanging out at the movie theater or the pool, or getting a hotel room .... heat waves BAD!

My kindom for central air!!!!!


  1. live journal?.... yup got one of those too.
    i am
    so there.
    and why didn't you give me a call? i am so freegen hot i am snappy the turtle. yah "blah" sounds very good


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