This state bites!!!! I'm not eligible because I didn't work for someone last year. They want you to have a minimum of 500 hours, but their quarterly system is kinda wacked. I won't be eligible until October of this year. I can't be unemployed that long!!!!! They take like all of last year and the first 3 months of this year to figure benefits, and of course, since I was self-employed for all of last year, I don't qualify. Even though I pay the damn taxes. (Well, that's another story) but still!!! (and oh yeah, just got off the phone with a guy from the Employment Department, he called about 3 minutes after I submitted my claim).

Definitely need to hit the temp agencies now. Doug was right, not worth it to apply for UI.

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  1. wait didn't you work.. you stayed home, daycare. you know self employed... doesn't that count'

  2. Not in the state of Oregon. Apparently you can't claim unemployment insurance if you are self-employed. Go figure. You might be working, but the state doesn't see it that way, even though they are all too happy to take your money via taxes.

    I just paid one lump sum, so I am not even sure if self-employed people are required to pay the unemployment taxes the way other employers are. Now, if I had employees, I would have had to pay for THEIR unemployment tax. So that they could claim if they left or were fired.

  3. oh that is so not right!
    i totally agree this state sucks... up your money that is...
    no it just sucks...maybe like a dyson vacumm
    LOL ;P oh well sorry to hear about it all.


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