the agony!

I keep trying to think of a way to make this one witty and pithy and get a laugh out of it, but I can't. I am simply too depressed. I got sacked first thing this morning. Walked in, hung up my bag, and my boss said, "Let's take a walk."
"uh oh" thinks I. Going for a walk other than to her car to get supplies is never a good thing. That was a bummer and a half. I was thinking "Oh great, I've been on time, now what?" We didn't go to the usual coffee place. We went upstairs to an empty Jury Room. My boss started with "I really hate to do this" ... that's about when I got a clue.

So I have been home since a little after 10 mostly puttering around and trying not to break down in tears. I actually liked this job. Not terribly challenging, not always busy, but fun, enjoyable, and easy. Taking care of kids, getting paid for it, liking my co-workers and NO PAPERWORK!

Now ... Urgh, I like earning a paycheck. I guess I have plenty of time now to clean house and work on my brother's wedding DVD. Any body got any job openings? I'm a jane-of-all-trades and real quick learner...

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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your bad news. That is never easy to bear. I love how bosses can fire you without notice, but employees are expected to give two week's notice or else they're not being professional.

    Hopefully you won't let this keep you down. Temp agencies can help you bring a paycheck in while you're looking around for a better replacement. Don't monkey around with unemployment. It's often not worth the hassle.

    I think the hardest part about being fired is the blow to the ego. I haven't been fired many times - once IIRC - but I've had plenty of jobs where I had to leave BEFORE they fired me. It was really just an issue of semantics at that point. I quit before I was canned. Such a small victory.

    But nobody should work where they are not appreciated. We are not slaves, we are noble beings. Somewhere there is a job you are uniquely qualified for. I wish you luck in finding it.

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement!

    I am thinking about temping. I did it when I first moved up here, but the idea of an admin job does not excite me. I was bemoaning the fact that I could sign up with contracting companies again, but I'm not qualified anymore! And oddly enough, child care comes easily to me and I enjoy it. I was quite qualified for my job and worked well with my co-workers. I wasn't fired for poor job performance (THAT I can understand) but for health reasons. Though they said it was for being late, except that I wasn't. All the instances listed were times I called in sick.

    My ego is still trying to hide under a rock, but I make it come out to clean house :)

    Again, thank you for the encouragement


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