Today's Misadventure

Well, today, I lost my cell phone.

At 9:06AM I know I had it because I was on the MAX, in the Tunnel and checked the time. When I got off the MAX, I put my hand in my pocket again to check the time and … no phone. Looked on the ground. Knew that I hadn't heard or felt it fall. Recalled seeing it poking out of my pocket as I read The Merchant of Vengeance … "Oh crap!" thunk I. I just left my cell phone on the MAX! At the tail end of rush hour. Oh great, oh great, oh great …. So, I get into work trying to fight a panic. We're almost full. 4 kids out of 6. Ok, can't call T-Mobile till later. I manage not to worry about it till about 11:30 when everyone is gone. I first call Tim to let him know that I have lost my cell phone and would he mind calling T-Mobile and Tri-Met for me?

After that I remember the number for Tri-Met (503-238-RIDE for any who care) and call myself, looking for Lost and Found. The fella on the phone tells me that he won't know anything till Monday. "Monday!!!!"  "Yeah, at the end of the day the drivers walk through and collect things that have been left, but we are closed on the weekend. You could try calling your phone."  Oh yeah, duh. "Thanks".

So, I called my phone, and the nicest lady answered, "Hello?" and I said "You have my phone!" all excited like, not accusatory. She replies, "Yes, you left it on the MAX", "I know" I say. She tells me where she works and that she doesn't get off till late and then I tell her that I work Downtown and get off early evening. She asks me to call again, on her cell phone so we can try to set up some way to get my phone back. And she's a T-Mobile customer too … she was comparing our phones.

Here's to hoping that I will have my phone back soon. Now to find the paper that I wrote her number on …. Damn my lousy memory.

Genius might be described as a supreme capacity for getting its possessors into trouble of all kinds.
- Samuel Butler


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