Phone update

I got my phone back!!!!! A nice lady named Dawn called me about 11:00 PM on Sunday night to let me know that her husband had found my phone on the MAX. Now, you may be thinking "But, wasn't your phone already found on the MAX on Friday?" And yes it was, and on Saturday it was pouring rain so I didn't run out to do errands, nor did I call the gal who had my phone (who called me late Friday night to let me know that she had almost left it at work and missed her bus because she went back to get it) ... but anyways! So, the first person to find it, for some unknown and unfathomable reason hauled it around with her on Sunday before I even called her or set up a time to pick up my phone. And maybe even on Saturday too, who knows.

Now, Sunday after church I called her and left a voicemail stating that I was out and about and please call me on my husband's cell phone so that I could come get mine. While we were at the Acapella concert, she called. Tim talked to her. She had lost my cell phone on the MAX (AGAIN! the first time being when I lost it). I couldn't believe it. So we called T-Mobile and had them suspend it (again), and I asked about how to get another one (we should have equipment protection on our phones) .... so I was more than thrilled to hear "Is this Annette?" and then "My husband found your cell phone on the MAX about 2 hours ago. Did you want to pick it up tonight or later in the week?" I practically squealed. I explained that it had been lost twice in almost as many days and yes I would come pick it up pronto! and yay! you live only 15 minutes from me!

So now I have my phone back. WHEW!


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