Doh! A Dear...

File this under the things 4 year olds say....

So the other night we're eating dinner, sans older child who was over at a friends. My wife asks me something and in the process refers to me as dear (always a good thing :)).

DD pops up and says "Daddy's not a deer! He's a husband!"

Ah, the things a young child can come up with. Today, coming home from daycare, she told me that she, for her birthday, wants a motorcycle...with training wheels. I can just see me at the local Harley shop. " you have any hogs with training wheels?" :)

And finally, in the Daddy's not ready for this category, we have the following conversation while brushing her hair after bath:

"When I grow up, I'll find a husband, go to a park and get married, like you guys."

(How she knows we got married at a park I have no idea...)

"Yes, we got married at a park. You weren't here yet."

"I wasn't born yet. You guys had to make me."

"Yes, we did."

"How did you make me?"