3 minute blog

because I only have 3 minutes to get out what's on my mind

It's amazing how fragile an emotional state can be. You think everything is going along all hunky-dory (just fine as it were) when something innocuous triggers a reaction in someone else and then that triggers a stronger, unexpected, and unprepared for reaction in yourself. All within the proverbial blink of an eye. It might have taken a little longer than a blink of a eye, but it was quite the emotional landslide towards depression, hostility, confusion, and longing for things to be different. And for me, the inevitable playing of "what if". Though, to be honest, I only played that for a minute or two instead of all night like I usually do. (one minute down).

I know some of you are just dying for details and I wish I could give them. Email me!!!
Call me! Today is going to be a long day .... and I really need a beer, a chick flick, and an excuse to cry. Now who's the emotionally constipated one?

ah crap, went over by a minute.