Ever have one of those days when everything that comes out of your mouth seems to come out wrong? misinterpreted? and then you try to backtrack and make sense of what you just said, to get your meaning across, and that just makes it worse?

So then you finally give up and shut up.

Darn, I still have like 4 other posts from march to get up ... here's to insomnia (it's actually 1:31 AM, but I started this window hours ago). Math class in just a few hours. ouch


  1. well yah.... duh who is the QUEEN
    well in case you forgot... I am the QUEEN of 'foot in mouth'
    you know mrs. blunt yah that would be me ...LOL :-)

  2. ya know, blunt is ok. It's when you try to be nice, or that "truth in love", you know, you want to tell the truth, but be constructive, or try to say something mean in the nicest way possible.

    There I go again ... I'll take your foot out of your mouth if you'll help me take my foot out of mine :)

  3. It's always hard to tell the truth in a loving way. That's where blunt goes hand and hand in tact. Of course, even saying negative things in a kind way can still hurt.

    I prefer blunt to beating around the bush (though tact is always appreciated too :)). I have found, in my personal experience, that sometimes what hurts a lot at first becomes something you can work on, once you've sat back and thought about it a bit.

    Though lately, it seems that if my feet aren't in my mouth, I'm tripping over them. Not sure which is worse - the taste of shoe leather, or the bloody face from hitting the ground :)


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