where's your mom?

So Josh has a friend over, and actually, I think it's a kid that I put in time-out at lunch recess one time, but I digress. Josh introduces himself and welcomes his friend and dad, excuses the mess that is our house (I'm in the process of cleaning ok!! The dining room looks great!) The dad looks around and asks "And your mom is? ..." I raise my hand slightly and move from behind the vacuum "I'm the mom" and proceed to introduce myself. Dad says, "Well, if you're going to make a mistake, that's the one to make."

Why is it that all the adults at Josh's school think I am the big sister or something? Though, I guess I look a little young today. I took it as a compliment. One of these days I just know that I am going to start complaining about finally looking my age :)

Thanks for listening to me blather.