The Uterus Project

Shall I Knit you a Uterus?

I have written about knitting healing shawls, tea and sympathy shawls, and a hundred pairs of mittens for cold, needy hands (twenty five more pairs to go!). I have knit dozens of chemo hats and a hundred or so preemie caps. All these projects are very dear to my heart. Now I'd like to propose a new knitting project for knitters so inclined. For lack of a better name, I'll call it The Uterus Project.

A few weeks ago, after learning of a friend's unexpected and difficult hysterectomy, another friend suggested I check out HYSTERSISTERS, a hysterectomy recovery support website, where an online sisterhood of woman share their experiences and help each other. There are articles and stories and links and well, since it is a site for women, a store where you can purchase items to help you survive post op and to help others remember to pamper you during the recovery. There are some useful items like belly band and soothing pillow as well as gourmet teas, cookies, jams and fetching princess crown with matching wand.

After visiting the Hystersister's store and thinking about the princess crown and wand and jams and teas: my rusty mental wheels began to turn. I am a knitter. Knitters can and will knit just about anything. [snip]

Project Uterus is your opportunity to improve on nature. You can make your knitted uterus softer and let's face it, prettier than the original. This is the time to try out cashmere. I recommend a Lion Brand's cashmere blend and Tiffany both very luxurious and soft. And if you are feeling flush and extra crafty, try beading some pearls on your project. Make it a work of art.

The female uterus has traditionally housed the world's most precious cargo -- so shouldn't the knitted version be filled with the world's next most precious treasure? You guessed it! Chocolate! The Mothercare knitted uterus is made to fit a doll inside it so there is plenty of room for a pound or so of assorted Hershey's kisses.

Save the casseroles for later (hey, that's what take out is for). Put the soup and the cake on hold. Project Uterus has arrived. Print off the pattern. Get your yarn and sit back and knit someone you care for a new and improved uterus. And don't forget to fill it with chocolate.
-- Michelle Edwards --


Michelle Edwards, a life long knitter, is the author/illustrator of many books for children including the 2006 Gryphon award winner, Stinky Stern Forever. She lives in Iowa City, Iowa with her husband and three daughters. She can be contacted at