using my Palm

So, technophile that I am, I have a palm m105. Had it for quite a while now, like 5 or 6 years. But now that I commute on the MAX and have a ton of time on my hands at work most days, I have started utilizing a really cool thing on AvantGo. I can read blogs on it! It has an RSS aggregator of sorts and blogspot is cool cuz I can put in the addy of people's blogs on blogspot, AvantGo finds the RSS feed, and voila I have my friend's blogs on my palm! as well as news and neil gaiman's blog. but yeah, more interesting reading and now I won't feel so bad about not being able to keep up on them.
AvantGo for RSS enables you to sync RSS feeds as AvantGo channels. Each time you synchronize AvantGo you can get the latest from RSS feeds offered by bloggers, major media any other publisher distributing their content in an RSS format. The feeds are delivered to your device in a format that is optimized for your small screen smartphone or PDA. It’s easy to use and free!


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