one gripe before bed

Naps are good =) but on to today's topic. I installed 512 MB of mem on my puter. I thought I would finally have 1GB, but no, the manufacturer gave me 512 MB of RAM in 256x2 modules. And I only have two slots for mem. So I need to get another 512. But hey, 768 MB of RAM ain't bad.

My biggest gripe is that the HD is so damn hard to replace. Actually, it isn't, but of all the screwdrivers we have in this house, not a single one of them is the right size for the type of screws they use. The user guide doesn't describe how to do it, so I call customer support (by the way, love the Candian accents AND they are open 24/7. I have yet to get a tech guy who doesn't say "about" in that very special Candian way, you know "aboat") oh yeah, back to my HD. So the tech guy tells me where to find the HD and kinda how to do it, but then tells me that I shouldn't do it and that's why it's not in the user guide. *sigh* So, I have to take it into Fry's. And I was hoping to get some money back. When I bought it, I also bought installation, so I guess it's not a huge biggie. It's just that after 6 weeks of making the commute, I was ready for a break. Now I have to go down there anyway. Just to install freaking XP PRO. Man, why did I want a bigger HD? (those of you who know me well need not answer that).