nap time

i am so sleepy. i think it has something to do with being at home. i am just ready for a nap, plain and simple. I did get one or two loads of laundry mostly done (still have to put them away, but they are washed and dried) and got my sink shining, and one counter too. Joy helped mop the bathroom and a part of the kitchen, but didn't sweep first, so i'm not sure you can really tell there was effort put into it. And we have a new cat bed. Her High and Mightiness saw all the easter baskets at Michael's and immediately thought of her baby dolls and the cats. She found one that would actually make a great bassinet, but it was $14 or so and I was there to buy paint for the church preschool class, not baskets. We compromised, I bought one for the cats for $9.99. A wicker laundry basket cat and dog in laundry basket into which we put two VeggieTales throw pillows (no longer in use) and then Joy added two of her baby blankets "to make them more comfortable". Hopefully they will appreciate the effort. Right now they are scared witless since there are three children all trying to show their love for kitties.

Back to the kidlets ...