if i have to listen to anything resembling punk ....

I'll listen to SuperChick. Rhapsody has a sampler of their stuff across albums, AND I LIKE IT! I don't like Stellar Kart as much as my son and quite a few of the youth in our church do, but then, I never liked Green Day or other punk bands from my era. Speaking of which, my son LOVES Green Day and was shocked to find out that I knew some of the songs he was listening to.

I finally broke down and ordered music online. I now own (thanks to SongTouch) Kirk Franklin's Hero(whole album $9.99 allowed 7 CD burns) sight unseen, er heard, Third Day's Wherever You Are (also $9.99 -- which I probably could have gotten from a friend who own every single one of their albums) and of course, Superchick's Beauty From Pain ($9.90 and not found in the Christian Supply nearest to me, or at Fry's, even though Fry's carries their last album, go figure) which I have been talking about off and on since "We Live" hit the airwaves.

So I spent just under $30, but if I had bought them at the store (or even Amazon or CDNow) I would have spent closer to $45. I'm cheap and want my music now :) I love saving a buck or 3. Anyways, my Zen needs new music if I can find my cable ..... (wandering off to find usb cable for Zen ... why can't each USB thing be interchangeable cablewise with every other ... oh wait, that would make it easy for the consumer...)


  1. This from the person who had to buy yet another USB hub because she has so many USB peripheals.....I think you're the Imelda Marcus of USB peripheals, dear :)

  2. i don't get all the techno blah blah.... but i could have given you the third day (or was that me that you are talking about? ?? ???)

    have a great week!!! it's monday now for me!!!

  3. I LOVE MY PERIPHERIPHLS!!!!that's what I get for working in a store where I actual buy things ... thank goodness that is over!!!

    Missed ya tonight Pegs, and yes, that was you I was talking about. Silly songs still don't want to transfer to my Nano .. can I borrow Wherever You Are?

  4. 30 years ago it was all about accessorizing, accessorizing, accessorizing....now it's all about peripherals.

    So...is it quantity, quality, or size that matters? S/He with the most peripherals wins? :)

  5. Peripherals with largeness and speed. Wish my puter could handle more than an 80GB HD, but hey, now that I have an enclosure, muahahahhahahahahahhaha .... man, I have a thing for large and fast

    and that didn't come out right ....


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