Did you see that 404?

No, I didn't forget to pay the cable bill. After 5 years I finally hit the 25MB limit that Comcast has on it's personal web pages, and they didn't tell me. To solve the problem I have deleted from the Comcast server all my archives from 2001-2003. This is also impetus for me to get my portion of www.sargentcentral.net looking properly and move everything over there. But I don't have time to do that tonight. So, if any of you were pining for me, here I am again =) And it wasn't my fault, except the usual one of not paying close enough attention to the details.


  1. woo hoo. cna i get braids too? then i wouldn't have to wait to grow out this fur that sprouts from my head...bleh! i'm pretty jealous. they do look great. i love the look. congrats!

  2. Sure you can! The place where I got the hair also had this superfine super soft hair, more like white or Asian hair than the usual stuff for braiding.

    Or you could get a weave. Instant long hair that you can wash and everything. Have you ever had long hair???

  3. okay peggie dear braids like on your hair now would make it all stick staight up....LOL wait just alittle longer....
    luv ya

  4. ok, I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but the way lemming said that made me think of pegs as a white Buckwheat (pigtails all over the place!)


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