clean again

My first weekend at home in three months. And I spend it "deep cleaning" as Tim calls it. Thea, you would be so proud of me, it's better than when I cleaned it for Thanksgiving ... well, the counter isn't that clean, but the living room and dining room sparkle (well, just have a few bookshelves to dust, but that's the last thing). Anyways!!! The whole downstairs is clean enough that I wouldn't mind company coming by unexpectedly and having to say "please excuse the mess". I SOOOO hate saying that. My grandmother never had to say that and there were 10 of us living in a 4-bedroom duplex. Though I must admit, she was a lot stricter than I am when it came to getting us kids to work. Some days I am still at the "get out of my way, it will be faster and better if I do it". Cuz it will. All Josh does is try to boss Joy around to clean, and she cleans what she wants (BTW, she totally helped by vacuuming the dining room, doing a great job and then we found a really fun way to fluff the pillows). No food, less icky smell (the smell was starting to drive me bonkers, anyone want a cat with 'tude????)

So, anyways, I am proud of the (not so) little accomplishment of getting my living room and dining room much more than presentable. Tim does presentable =) So, yall better come over before the clutter takes over again.

Now for my room ....


  1. LOL you are sooooo funny...
    you should have taken a picture and e mailed it to me...cause I know... it don't look like that

  2. and bye the way when do darren and I get to come over for dinner?
    mmmmm? let me invite myself....LOL

  3. Actually, it's still clean :) She did a very, very, very good and thorough job :)


  4. YEAH!!! It's still clean. Going on day three here. The kids love the new furniture arrangement and it's just more cozy.


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