Unexpected Blessings?

WOOHOO!!!! Unplanned day off! My sitter is out of town due to the SuperBowl (darnit, I had to work yesterday and missed all the new cool commercials!! Any good ones?)

I digress! Oh yeah, haven't taken a darn WB since Thursday. Now I know WHY they don't want you to stop cold-turkey. I had some *really* strange thoughts last night on the drive home and absolutely no energy for the last day or so. And this morning my distraction level is THROUGH THE ROOF! And I think I made mention of all the constant machine-gun babble that goes on in my head, that's where most of the distraction comes from. I can't keep a train of thought on track for more than a few minutes. And to think the WB was making that WORSE! Actually, I think it was that the words were not getting from my brain to my mouth .... or the other way around, and now that I am trying to think coherently nothing is working ... can I just go off to a convent or somewhere silent and peaceful for a while and do a major core dump????

I have so much that I want to say, write, do and I can't get it all out right now, mainly due to time constraints. I have to be at Josh's school in an hour and I am still in pajamas. I took some Tylenol PM last night around 9PM and that stuff KNOCKED ME OUT!!!! ... I was out for like 10 hours and my brain is still trying to get kick started *yawn* .... well, have a doc appt this afternoon. Thank goodness the sun is out today. Hi's and lo's. My goodness, I hate rollercoasters. Actually, I really like rollercoasters, I just hate emotional/energy ones. Ah, the whining mistress.... er, my darling daughter, breakfast, dressed, so much to do, and in only 45 minutes.

Love you all. I need .... something!!!!!


  1. Whatever you need, I'll provide to the best of my ability - just let me know. :)


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