Thoughts on Vanity

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself ...

You're So Vain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "'You're So Vain' is a song written by and performed by Carly Simon in 1972.
The song was a sarcastic profile of a self-absorbed lover. "

by Jason Deal

O’ beauty, thou art like a vile thorn
That doth pierce my heart
Like a poisonous flower
That is appealing to the eye
Evil and deceptive, thou art undetectable
Like masterfully forged art
To suffer at the hands of vanity
�Tis the blasphemy of all shades
Concealed on the outside the corrosion within
Don’t let the lie devour you like sin

argh, there is a poetic line about vanity that I cannot remember nor seem to find via Google. All y'all well-read readers out there, can you help me out?


  1. Maybe this is it, it sounds about right -- though I can honestly say that the author's name does not ring a bell ....

    But I am vanity and nothing in Thy sight, a man inconstant and weak. What then have I whereof to glory, or why do I long to be held in honour? Is it not for nought? This also is utterly vain. Verily vain glory is an evil plague, the greatest of vanities, because it draweth us away fom the true glory, and robbeth us of heavenly grace. For whilst a man pleaseth himself he displeaseth Thee; whilst he gapeth after the praises of man, he is deprived of true virtues.

    5. But true glory and holy rejoicing lieth in glorying in Thee and not in self; in rejoicing in Thy Name, not in our own virtue; in not taking delight in any creature, save only for Thy sake. Let thy Name, not mine be praised; let Thy work, not mine be magnified; let Thy holy Name be blessed, but to me let nought be given of the praises of men. Thou art my glory, Thou art the joy of my heart. In Thee will I make my boast and be glad all the day long, for myself let me not glory save only in my infirmities.(2)
    From The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A. Kempis (tr. Rev. W. Benham)

    Emphasis mine.


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