Thoughts on Vanity

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself ...

You're So Vain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "'You're So Vain' is a song written by and performed by Carly Simon in 1972.
The song was a sarcastic profile of a self-absorbed lover. "

by Jason Deal

O’ beauty, thou art like a vile thorn
That doth pierce my heart
Like a poisonous flower
That is appealing to the eye
Evil and deceptive, thou art undetectable
Like masterfully forged art
To suffer at the hands of vanity
�Tis the blasphemy of all shades
Concealed on the outside the corrosion within
Don’t let the lie devour you like sin

argh, there is a poetic line about vanity that I cannot remember nor seem to find via Google. All y'all well-read readers out there, can you help me out?