Random Health Update II

So, this afternoon I went to my doc about the hives and some other weird stuff the WB was doing with my ADD (can we say I was getting stupid, unfocused and really random?) She firmly believes that it was still the sulfa in the bactrim that was causing the hives (saying that the effects could last up to two weeks) and just a REALLY weird coincidence about the timing with the Wellbutrin. And that I was probably just really sensitive to it and “please, Annette, I hope you don’t ever get sick” or something along those lines. She wasn’t too upset that I had stopped taking it, but suggested I start it again, and yes, if I started getting hives again, then we could look at some other anti-depressant. That’s when I brought up the other things that were going on and she offered me a two-week trial of Lexapro, yet another anti-depressant that also treats ADD.

I was telling Tim all this and he wonders how much might be environmental since I didn’t really have much mental health issues before I moved up here. My friends from HS remember me as almost perky, but definitely always in a good mood, rarely moody or temperamental, fairly clear-headed, a little crazy, but that’s what made me fun =)  and oh yeah, focused. I had ambition, and drive, and motivation and generally well-balanced. One thinks it’s kinda funny that I would be diagnosed with ADD this late in life and figures someone is just trying to label me because they can’t figure out what else might be going on. Which could be true. I mean, some of the stuff that I have read and dealt with growing up does go along with the inattentive/day-dreamy ADD (most often found in girls), but I’ve managed to cope almost 30 years so far with it. I guess all the crap from the last 7 years is finally catching up to me big time. Too much time on my hands and such. Tim’s theory is that I never really dealt with all those changes and the buildup is finally getting to me. Has finally gotten to me. To us. Along with the most current crisis which I am doing my darndest to run away from through work and keeping busy. It’s how I keep from going crazy. I throw myself into something that doesn’t allow for much mental downtime.

ARGH!!!!  So I just looked up sulfa and one thing that WASN’T mentioned in the Rite-Aid pamphlet was the bit about mental confusion. So the darn antibiotics could have been causing me all this trouble for the last 10 or so days. Just one freaking dose. What a PIA!!!!!! What a waste of time and resources and co-pays!!!! (I’ve spent more at the doc in the last month than I usually spend in a year. Our co-pay is reasonable, but still …)