New Toys

Ok, so I have yet to blow away my computer and install XP Pro, but the danger of working somewhere where I have been known to shop is that .. well, I will shop there!!! But not excessively :) Today I bought myself a few things, and got "just because" (I was feeling guilty for getting myself something) gifts for the fam. I've been wanting the King bookends from the special extended edition DVD set of LOTR since they came out, like, what, almost 5 years now or something? So, Fry's has set #3 for $22!!!! So now I have the Minis Tirith keepsake box. *sigh of contentment*. We were out of set #1 and #2, and not likely to order them again, but the sales gal was pretty sure that there would be an order form for the bookends in this set. And besides, I don't really want Gollum, just the bookends. And this one looks cool, not to mention all the extras.

Next toy: a Plantronics Bluetooth headset. Ok, here's how clueless I can be. What do you mean you have to charge it???? (no, I didn't know how they worked, just that they did and I see them EVERYWHERE!) So it's charging now. It's battery life and talk time last longer than my phone, can you believe it?

Next toy: a keroppi pen. I love Pachacco, but they haven't brought him back, so now I have the cutest (purple! and green) Keroppi charm pen, with interchangeable charms! And it writes nice too.

For the fam: I got Joy a Thomas the Tank DVD that comes with a Thomas engine (she saw that at Costco a few months ago and is really into Thomas since she saw The Magic Railroad, you know, the one with Alec Baldwin), Glory for Tim (yes, the civil war movie with Denzel and Matthew Broderick (double drool)) and The Hobbit video game for Josh (hopes he likes it, I can't remember, though I know he has played the demo at some point).

Ok, typos notwithstanding, time for me to pass out. Chardonnay still has the effect on me that it used to *wink* ... Though only Peter knows what I might be talking about, if he can remember back that far. ;) and if he reads this before it falls off the page ....