Morning already?

Urgh, I should have listened to my doc and never stopped taking the WB. I am having so much trouble waking up this morning. I feel like I did before I started taking it. Yet another reason why I hate taking meds. My body is so darn sensitive to them. Funny thing happened last night (well, funny if you HAVE to find the humor in a situation) – Tim and I have been talking a lot lately about our relationship and marriage and where we want it to go and things like that. Well, talked about some heavy stuff last night and guess what!!! I started breaking out in hives. It was one of those moments where I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time. Thank God for Benadryl. And last week we did a lot of heavy talking about our relationship too, but I didn’t track it too much. I do know that at least 2 or 3 of our conversations were cut short because I was just itching so much. That first Friday night though wasn’t one of them. I just wanted out of my skin ... or was it …. Did I call home that day on my lunch break? Or was that one of the days when I didn’t?

I hate these holes in my memory. I used to be able to remember things like that quite well, but then, I used to be able to do quite a lot of things quite well. Well, it’s almost 10AM, I just got out of bed, Joy has been up since like 7:30 or something like that, but managing to find things to occupy her and not get into too much trouble. There’s so much to do today, but with the rain back, I just want to sleep and drink hot cocoa all day. Time to get MOTIVATED! Maybe I’ll go to Christian Supply and buy the Superchick album, or just download it off Rhapsody and save myself $4 =)



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